Reserve Book Request Form

General Information for Instructors

Please bear in mind that reserve items must be processed each semester and that this significant workload cannot all be handled in the week before classes begin. Instructors are asked to supply a Reserve Book Request Form well in advance each semester so Library staff can provide timely access to the book(s). If you will be requesting a book not yet owned by the library, please submit this form one month in advance, to allow sufficient time to purchase title(s) and process materials. Reserve Book Request Forms are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and forms submitted during the week before classes begin, or after classes begin, may take longer to process due to workloads at those times.

Please read:

The following form is for the use of faculty and instructors wishing to submit requests for books to be placed on reserve. This form is for reserve book requests only. Items or materials owned by the instructor, such as exam keys, articles, personal copies of texts, etc., may be brought or sent to the library directly to be placed on reserve.

The library will only order one copy of a required class text to be put on course reserve.

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If no removal date is provided, books will be removed from reserve at the end of the semester.

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Book Information for Ordering (books the library does not own):

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For questions regarding reserve books please contact Susan Fuchs by e-mail: or phone: 446-8365.

For questions regarding course reserve materials (exam keys, articles, etc.) please contact Joe Kohlburn by or phone: 446-8361.